About the author

Movies are a form of storytelling. Movies are a form of escape. Movies are a form of adventure. But most importantly, movies are a form of art, and like all forms of art, its fundamental purpose is the expression of the human soul. That being said, movies are the people that make them.
– Yours truly

Just a regular pop culture-obsessed kid who grew up with her eyes glued to the big screen. I am an avid follower of film and television, and when I’m not busy obsessing with that, I’m keeping my ears to the ground for news on royalty, music and entertainment in general.

I know that behind every Hollywood star is a regular Earth-bred human being just like us, and so my research on celebrities often borders on obsessive; I end up familiarising myself with their life stories in the process (Naturally, Inside the Actor’s Studio is heaven for me to watch).

During my free time, I can shamelessly say that my guilty pleasure is watching raw red carpet footage and paparazzi videos.

And the only thing I love as much as pop culture… is writing.

am obsessed with entertainment, and I’m not afraid to admit it. But there are times when I can actually go beyond obsessed (apparently, it’s humanly possible), especially when it involves the following:

Favourite actress Jennifer Lawrence
Favourite actor Shia LaBeouf during his prime (2007-2010)
Favourite movie Tied between Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009)
Favourite film series Harry Potter
Favourite director James Cameron
Favourite film composer Hans Zimmer
Favourite singer Taylor Swift
I absolutely love Kate Middleton
First celebrity crush Hayden Christensen

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